Dolerite Gorge (Matthew Gorge)

At Mt Hart, exploration extends beyond the trails with Safara Land Tours leading the way to the captivating Dolerite Gorge, formerly known as Mathew Gorge. While graded as a level 4 walk, you'll quickly discover the first cooling pool just a short distance from the trailhead. But for those seeking the pinnacle of swimming delights, continue the journey to the magnificent main swimming hole, rivaling the size of an Olympic pool. This rock-hopping hike, accessible from the main car park, takes about an hour and promises both adventure and refreshment amidst the breathtaking vistas of Mt Hart.

King Leopold Ranges WA 6728
Length: 1.6km(s) (Is Loop)
Time: 30min
Difficulty: Medium
Bush Walk
Gorge Walk
Gibb River Road

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