Derby Golf Club

The Boabs Golf Course, inaugurated in 2003, stands as a testament to collaboration between the WA Water Corporation, Shire of Derby/West Kimberley, and the Derby Golf Club. Crafted by renowned WA golf professional Terry Gale, this composite course boasts eleven holes, some played twice for a complete eighteen-hole experience.

Covering a distance of 6136 meters with a slope rating of 112, the men's course and its counterpart, the ladies' course, measuring 5397 meters with a slope rating of 116, offer diverse challenges. Reticulated by recycled water from the Water Corporation, the course uniquely forgoes bunkers but introduces a scenic interplay with Boab trees that golfers must navigate around or over.

Distinguished as the sole golf course shared with the local Turf Club in Western Australia, and likely Australia, the Boabs Golf Course features a track weaving through fairways. On race days, the course transforms with running rails installed across fairways, necessitating closure, only to be restored the next day.

The club is a vibrant hub, hosting events like the Derby Open and weekly competitions. Visitors are warmly invited to play during daylight hours or participate in any of the scheduled competitions. Facilities include golf carts at $20 for 9 holes or $40 for 18 holes, clubs at $15, and complimentary push buggies.


Event Competition

Thursday Ladies Scouringers - 3pm
Wednesday Mens Scouringers - 2.30pm
Saturday Social Golf - 2.30pm
Sunday Social Golf - 2.30pm

Game fees are $15 for nine holes and $30 for eighteen holes. In cases where the club is closed, an honor box system is available at the golf shed. For equipment rentals or inquiries, visitors can contact the Derby Sportsmen's Club at 91911126 or via email at     

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