Adcock Gorge

Adcock Gorge, nestled along the Adcock River, lies approximately 5km from the Gibb River Road, accessible via a rugged 4WD track.

The rocky and uneven walking trail commences from a designated parking area, requiring some boulder clambering along the way. Despite its short distance of just over 600 meters one-way, the gorge surprisingly sees fewer visitors. However, for those who make the stop, Adcock Gorge offers a wealth of natural beauty.

The deep pool serves as an inviting spot for a refreshing dip, with steep rock walls providing a striking backdrop. Depending on the timing after the wet season, a waterfall cascades into the pool with varying intensity. Luxuriant patches of ferns adorn shady areas, while water lilies grace a pool further downstream. Perhaps the most captivating aspect of this gorge is its solitude, offering visitors a rare opportunity to enjoy this tranquil oasis in seclusion.

Points of Interest


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