Boab Festival

Discover Derby's Boab Festival: Where Tradition Meets Fun!

Picture this: 1959, Derby's horse race with just five horses, and the Club Hotel feeling a bit down. Enter Arthur Nicholls, the determined publican, who not only saved the day but also sparked the idea for something amazing. In March 1960, during a community meeting, he suggested a festival to bring joy to Derby. Elected as the first president, Frank Hardy gave the event a perfect name: the "Boab Festival," inspired by Derby's iconic Boab trees.

What began as a small gathering in late September and early October has grown into a fantastic festival that now happens during the July school holidays. Even though things have changed over the years, the heart of the Boab Festival remains the same, with timeless events like the Float Parade that everyone loves.

This festival, born from Derby's spirit and community, has become a trendsetter, inspiring similar celebrations across the state. From early days with rodeos and athletic games to today's Kimberley Art and Photographic Prize, the Boab Festival is a mix of tradition and modern fun.

Join us on a journey through time, exploring the festival's lively history and all the exciting things it offers. The Boab Festival is a celebration that brings together the best of Derby's past and present.

Get a sneak peek of the festival's charm by checking out the official website. Come to Derby and be part of the Boab Festival—where tradition is alive, fun is guaranteed, and everyone is invited to join in the celebration!

Derby Boab Festival
Kimberley Art and Photographic Prize