Any angler stands a good chance of hooking Threadfin or Blue Salmon, Mulloway (also known as Golden Grunter), the prized gook gook (Catfish), a variety of sharks, and, of course, the occasional Barra from the jetty. To haul up a decent catch at low tide, a sturdy handline and some matching biceps are essential (given the nearly ten-meter difference between high and low tides during spring tides). Mudcrabs are frequently caught using drop pots and tend to be more active during the incoming tide.


Located on Yeeda Station, The Cuttings is one of the most popular spots for Barra and Salmon fishing among locals. Accessible by crossing the marsh (not advisable during the wet season) or by taking the Yeeda access track past the station, fishing opportunities abound at the mill and various creek crossings (4WD essential). However, caution must be taken with spring tides; when the tide begins to rise, it's best to pack up and swiftly cross the creeks. For the inexperienced, navigating The Cuttings can be confusing with its labyrinth of vehicle and cattle tracks. Always inform someone of your whereabouts and return time. Fortunately, mobile reception is generally available, but remember to take your rubbish with you. Contact Jack Burton at Yeeda or Willare Bridge Roadhouse for access before heading out.


May River, a stunning yet rugged tidal river, is approximately 22 kilometers up the Gibb River Road. Turn left and travel another 12 kilometers to reach it. Monster Barra and crocs inhabit these waters, which are typically more productive during spring tides. Be prepared to work hard for live bait or bring some along. Trawling the green pools after the wet season is particularly fruitful for Barra. The sandpit area is ideal for family outings, but swimming is not recommended. Always seek permission before entering Pastoral Property, and remember to leave gates as you find them and take your rubbish home.


The King Sound, an extension of the Fitzroy River mouth, offers diverse fishing opportunities. During the dry season, its calm waters allow access to numerous creeks where Barra, Salmon, Fingermark Perch, Mangrove Jack, Mulloway, Sharks, Catfish, and Mudcrabs can be found. Various spots like Black Rocks, Point Torment, and Blue Holes are accessible even with small dinghies, while larger vessels can venture to Valentine Island and other locations for more species like Mangrove Jack, Cod, and Trevally. Always check tides and be cautious of Norwest winds, especially from October to December. Contact local authorities for tide information and take appropriate precautions.


Access to spots along the Fitzroy River is mainly through Pastoral Stations such as Yeeda. Obtain permission before entry and ensure responsible behavior. Good spots like Telegraph and Langi Crossing offer fishing opportunities, but there are no camping facilities, discouraging extended stays. Remember to take your rubbish with you and maintain cleanliness.


For owners of larger vessels (at least 16ft), the Buccaneer Archipelago offers unparalleled fishing and scenic beauty. Book a charter for those without boats and experience this heavenly destination.

For further details on fishing spots, consult your local tackle supplier. Visit The Big Barra in Derby, offering a wide variety of fishing gear and expert local knowledge to enhance your fishing experience.

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