Manning Gorge

Manning Gorge, nestled within the vast grounds of the Mt Barnett Station, stands out as one of the Kimberley's premier swimming spots. While the water remains year-round in the pools along Manning Creek, the waterfalls are seasonal, replenished by wet season rains.

Exploration of the area may unveil ancient Bradshaw and Wandjina rock art. Accessing the gorge entails an adventurous 3-kilometer (5.8km returne) hike, marked by rock cairns, red discs, and arrows. Starting at the campground, hikers cross Manning Creek before continuing.

The trail offers scenic views but involves uneven terrain, rock scrambling, and an incline toward the end. Essential items include drinking water and a hat due to the lack of shade.

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Length: 5.8km(s) (Is Loop)
Elevation Gain: 122m
Time: 1-3hrs
Difficulty: Hard
Bush Walk
Gorge Walk
Gibb River Road

Points of Interest

Swimming Opportunity


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