Points of Interest

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Queen Victoria's Head

Embark on the legendary Gibb River Road from Derby, WA, and you'll soon find yourself amidst the awe-inspiring northern Kimberley plateau. After a few hours on the road, you'll encounter the Queen Victoria Head rock formation, a striking natural marvel that remarkably resembles the profile of the renowned monarch. This geological wonder serves as a poignant reminder of European settlement and the enduring impact of colonialism in the Kimberley.

As you venture further, you enter the gateway to Wilinggin country, belonging to the Ngarinyin people. This gateway extends across an expansive 63,000 square kilometres, offering a captivating journey through the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Kimberley.

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Inglis Gap and Lookout

Traversing the King Leopold Range, the Gibb River Road gracefully winds through a sequence of sweeping curves, with certain stretches featuring a smooth, tarred surface. As the road ascends towards Inglis Gap, the lookout provides impressive vistas to the east, offering travelers a chance to appreciate the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape.

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Dog Chain Creek

About 2km before the Lennard River Gorge turn-off you pass over Dog Chain Creek. Enjoy a refreshing daytime swim at Dog Chain Creek, a location accessible to camper trailers and off-road caravans. Dive into the waters for a delightful day of relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. Day use only.

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March Fly Glen Rest Area

A spot welcoming camper trailers and off-road caravans awaits your visit. Please be mindful that this area is specifically designated for day use, and overnight camping is not allowed as it is private property. Immerse yourself in the clear waters for a day of outdoor enjoyment and relaxation. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of a BBQ area, toilets, and fixed fireplaces on-site to enhance your experience.

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Bell Creek Rest Area

Before crossing the Bell River, you'll find a convenient day use rest area on the left-hand side. This day-use site boasts picturesque scenery and an opportunity for a refreshing swim. Accessible to motorbikes, camper trailers, and off-road caravans, it provides a perfect spot for a brief respite and a chance to soak in the beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of this welcoming rest area to relax and enjoy the natural beauty before continuing your journey.

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Hann River Rest Area

About 10km before the Mt Elizabeth turn-off you cross over the Hann River. This is a nice clear flowing river up until late July and it is perfect for a dip to break up a long drive over corrugations. It’s not deep and has a sandy bottom. Day use only.