Bandiln͟gan (Windjana Gorge) National Park

Embark on an epic Kimberley adventure at Bandilngan National Park, also known as Windjana Gorge. Carved by the Lennard River over centuries, this awe-inspiring gorge winds gracefully for about 3.5 kilometres through the Napier Range, revealing towering limestone walls reaching heights of 100 metres.

Marvel at the geological marvels and rich Indigenous history preserved within its limestone walls. Encounter graceful freshwater crocodiles, black flying foxes, and vibrant birdlife as you explore the gorge's natural wonders.

For an immersive experience, camp amidst nature's canvas from May to November, with essential facilities provided. Explore the gorge's wonders through various walking trails, ensuring you're well-prepared for the Kimberley's challenging conditions.

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Fairfield-Leopold Downs Rd, King Leopold Ranges WA 6728
Length: 7km(s) (Is Loop)
Time: 2-3hrs
Difficulty: Easy
Gorge Walk
Gibb River Road

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