the king of the tides!

Welcome to Derby, the heart of the Kimberley, where adventure awaits at every turn. Marvel at the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Horizontal Falls, where tides rush through narrow gorges, creating a natural phenomenon. Take a thrilling ride along the legendary Gibb River Road, winding through rugged landscapes revealing the untamed beauty of the Australian outback.

But Derby's wonders extend beyond natural attractions. Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene at local Art Centres, where Indigenous artists showcase their talent. Explore the town's rich history at Heritage sights telling Derby's story.

Don't miss Derby's most remarkable feature: the biggest tides in Australia, reaching up to 11 meters. These tidal forces shape the landscape and rhythms of life, offering a glimpse into nature's power.

As the day closes, witness the breathtaking sunset over the Marsh, casting a golden glow upon the tranquil waters behind the iconic Sculptures. In Derby, every moment captivates with nature's beauty and our vibrant community.


Rich Heritage:
Derby's origins are deeply rooted in pastoral and mining industries, evolving into a crucial port for servicing Fitzroy River's pastoral properties. The town's growth was fueled by the 1886 gold rush at Hall’s Creek, and industries such as oil, diamonds, lead, and zinc have continued to shape its development. Learn more about Derby's fascinating history at the Wharfinger House Museum, and don't forget to check with the Visitor Centre for opening times.
From its historic origins to its modern amenities, Derby beckons you to start your adventure in this Kimberley gem.