Joon Joo Botanical Trail

Located 5km from the centre of Derby on the junction of the Derby-Broome Road and Worsley Rd.
The 3km walking trail describes on plaques some of the plants and animals of the Wanganut Land System and how they were used by the Nyikina people. The interaction of plants, animals and insects throughout the cycles of the seasons is described.
Over 34 species of plants are identified. A small booklet is available for $4.95 from the Derby Visitor Centre listing species of animals, butterflies, birds, reptiles and plants that have been recorded in the Wanganut Reserve to date. This includes the Agile Wallaby, Macropus Agilis, 50 species of birds, the Olive Python, King Brown snake and Gould's Monitor orGoanna, and over 70 species of plants.

The Joonjoo trail is an easy walk but inclined to be sandy in the Dry Season and a bit boggy in places in the Wet Season. Good walking shoes are recommended. Take insect repellent, sunscreen and water. The quiet walker will be well rewarded with glimpses of the local wildlife. Early morning and evening walks are recommended.

The Derby Heritage Trail

A brief history of the development of Derby. Over the ensuring decades Derby town grew considerably, especially as better connections were established with the world beyond. It is this story of the early years of Derby's history that is told on 29 interpretive panels to be enjoyed around , metres of Trail, as shown on the map.
Pack a hat, sunscreen and some water and go take a walk through the fascinating history of our town.

Derby Pastoral Trail - Stage 1

Embark on the Derby Pastoral Trail - Stage 1, tracing the footsteps of early drovers moving cattle from Gibb River Road stations to the jetty. Begin your journey at the One Mile Dinner Camp (Mimosa and Rowan Streets) and follow the trail to the Centenary Pavilion at the jetty. This trail, also known as the Cattle Race Trail, is ideal for early mornings, offering a glimpse into Derby's pastoral history.